© Nathalie Bauer
© Nathalie Bauer
© Nathalie Bauer

Keep silent.  

Love is divine and clairvoyant; Love knows everything.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, (1725 - 1798), Chevalier de Seingalt


Giacomo Casanova received a doctorate as jurist, scratched along as violinist in a theatre, dabbled in the role of a lieutenant and was co-founder of France’s lottery. As an adventurer and due to his reputation as lover of innumerable women and as a globetrotter, he became world famous. His memoires from 1790, "Histoire de ma vie", continue to fascinate and pronounce Casanova as a classic symbol of the art of seduction!



Michael Sturminger and Martin Haselböck adapt Casanova’s themes and create with their new chamber-opera play „The Giacomo-Variations“, a dramatic and humorous approach to a phenomenon.

We meet Casanova - alternately played by Hollywood star John Malkovich and a baritone - in various exciting encounters, and are witness to his very personal retrospection on his life in the face of his approaching death.

Somewhere in the midst of these encounters, bursting with desire and passion for numerous women, Casanova has to confront his biggest fear: to die, before discovering what he has lived for.

The „soundtrack“ for this exeptional play of human feelings is provided by Casanova’s contemporaries Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart und Lorenzo Da Ponte, drawing on some of the most beautiful arias from their operatic collarborations.

„The Giacomo-Variations“ is our second project in collaboration with acclaimed stage and screen actor John Malkovich, following the sensational worldwide sucess of The Infermal Comedy“.




a chamber opera play written by Michael Sturminger
music concept by Martin Haselböck
based on opera scenes by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte


Director: Michael Sturminger
Musical director: Martin Haselböck
Stage and Costume designer: Renate Martin and Andreas Donhauser
John Malkovich & Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Giacomo & Elisa              

2 Singers                                  
Orchester Wiener Akademie
Executive director: Dean Kustra for Musikkonzept
Stage manager: Christiane Lutz
Art director´s assistant: Nina Ball